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-The Spirit of the Ouessant -

From the head to the easel, through the vents, the principle of locking the handle are all components designed to function one from the other.

The optimal goal is that the finite instrument appears obvious, almost classical, despite a decidedly contemporary line.

My desire to return to the use of non-tropical wood is not new, the realization that we can probably stop systematically using rosewood or mahogany to make guitars.

Ash, cormier, walnut, among others, are regional woods which offer very interesting qualities for the body of the guitar, in density, dynamics, elasticity, as long as they are used in the right thicknesses.

My soundboards are in Jura or Dolomite spruce, or in red cedar, from Canada and if possible from Central Europe. I also sometimes offer sitka.

Linen fiber composite.

The use of composite in guitars is also a long-standing practice, but I wanted to get out of the too frequent use of carbon, really not ecological in all respects - Linen fiber is a real alternative, natural, warm , and can mechanically be as efficient as carbon!

Jura spruce top - PC new-latice dam
Klas crate - linen fiber
Maple fingerboard and bridge

3-ply basswood handle
Blue nets and wavy ash bindings
Openwork head - Gotoh machine heads

19 2mm frets - 650mm scale

Bone saddles - Galalith pegs
Electro system on request-


Some measures:
Body widths, 390-250-280 mm
Body depth, 105-90 mm
Sleeve width, 44mm nut - 54mm 12th
Total weight: 1.6 kg

Developed on the Ouessant model, the KLAS materials (eco-composite with low flax fiber) see a new application in this Parlor format model, very dynamic, powerful in bass and yet balanced!


The selected woods are European, spruce from the jura for the soundboard, as well as the linden for the neck, the maple for the fingerboard, the head tackle and the bridge, and the wavy ash for the pick guard.


After the linen version, here is the walnut version of Molène, my new model of steel string acoustic guitar.


With mullein, the principle is to offer a traditional-looking model, which nevertheless brings together the evolutions and innovations that I have developed on my Ouessant model for several years.


Walnut, for example, medium density wood (between 0.5 and 0.6, denser than mahogany and less than most rosewood), if used in an appropriate thickness, provides great flexibility and enough shine for a balanced tone.

This model: Table in red-cedar, chest in jura walnut, linden handle, and fingerboard in Richlite, materials based on compressed paper.

Molène is my new model of acoustic guitar strings steel.

The principle is for me to propose a model of traditional appearance, which brings together the evolutions and innovations that I developed on my model Ouessant for several years.

The eco-composite body in particular, molded shell in flax fiber and "green-epoxy" resin, whose very rounded shape of the bottom and contours provides both great ergonomic comfort, and a very interesting acoustic reproduction.


The linen fabric is transformed in Normandy, produced locally near the Lineo company, which is extremely satisfactory in terms of ecological impact.

The density, the weight of the shell that we laminate, is established in order to get as close as possible to the mechanical behavior of the wood, but by providing more resistance to shocks as well as to variations in temperature and hygrometry.

- Characteristics -


- 12 string guitar

- Red cedar / honeycomb table

- Pre-stressed Spider boom

- Shell in eco-composite of linen

- Basswood & cedar handle

- Tinted cormier fingerboard / 20 boxes

- Fret 2mm / Diap 640 mm

- Tinted cormier bridge

- Grover mini gold machine heads

- Electro system on demand

The eco-composite body in particular, molded shell in flax fiber and "green-epoxy" resin, whose very rounded shape of the bottom and contours provides both great ergonomic comfort, and a very interesting acoustic reproduction.


For this 12 string, I chose a red cedar "double skin" table with a honeycomb core, pre-constrained spider barrage.


Parlor guitar type 00, in the great tradition of small jumbo models, neck 12 boxes, very powerful and stamped for the blues.


Spruce / cedar composite table. Back and sides in cypress. Basswood and cedar handle. 21 fretboard keys & Macassar bridge. Event on table and back.

Schaller machine heads - Diap: 650 mm - Frets 2 mm

Custom-made guitars

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L1 Cyclade 03

Troisième edition de la Ouessant L1, réalisée pour Soïg Siberil, avec une table en épicéa français, elle se distingue aussi de la L1 originale par une touche et un chevalet en ébène, pick-garde en galalithe , bindings érable.