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Basse acoustique

Ouessant L1

Acoustic Bass

Ouessant L1

 Linen Composite ball body–

Spruce sound board - Kopodirac bracing–

Basswood neck –

Sorbus fingerboard-  22 frets -

Sorbus bridge -

 860 mm scale - 34"–

2 side sound holes -

1 Bband PU + preamp -

P.U satin varnish - 

Low version of the Ouessant L1, linen shell, this model is a creation including an acoustic experiment in progress, which explains the magnetic access hatch on the back.

Presentation of the project coming soon ...


This latest model of acoustic bass presents developments arising from my research on acoustic guitars, steel or nylon strings, prestressed bracing, double sound holes. It is equipped with an electro-acoustic system I chose for its highacoustic fidelity, the French brand AirBagC from Ischell.

Mahogany back and sides, spruce top, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard and bridge, Savarez nylon strings, scale 860mm, weight : 1,8kg

This acoustic bass is the model I made in the 90s.
I have built a number of them, in 4, 5, and even a 6 strings.
I was already using local woods at that time, such as ash,
Walnut or cherry for bottom and sides.

This one is one of the first, it dates from 1991 - spruce top, cherry wood body, mahogany neck and ebony touch 2 octaves.


Semi-acoustic bass
Floating table

Body in linden-
Table in carbon-
Screwed Maple Neck -
Rosewood fingerboard -
Rosewood bridge -
Diap 860 mm -
1 EMG magnetic microphone
- 1 piezo system
Dual output, mono or stereo


Bass fretless 4c semi-acoustic
Short scale

Mahogany hollow body -
Table in carbon-
Neck in mahogany -
Ebony fingerboard - Ring head
Diap 800 mm -
1 micro magnetic Benedetti
- 1 piezo system


Semi-acoustic bass
Carbon table

Body in hollow mahogany -
Table in carbon-
Neck in mahogany -
Ebony fingerboard - Ring head
Diap 870 mm -
1 micro magnetic Benedetti
- 1 piezo system


This bass 6 strings is a unique piece, made of European wood custom for its "happy owner", which I publish here a message satisfied and more than satisfactory for me ...


Hi Fred,

Simply perfect. In fact it started on Saturday evening. I plug in, I play, emmanuelle (my wife) arrives with big eyes and tells me that she finds the sound fantastic. In addition to finding the bass beautifully beautiful and being fascinated by the quality of manufacturing, details, woods ...

Monday evening the same wonder of my pianist. The latter works in musical editions for which he sometimes directs studio sessions. He has a big ear. What strikes us first is the clarity of the note and this on the whole register of the neck, from the lowest note to the highest. Nothing drools in the bass, nothing attacks in the treble.

Then what strikes us is the naturalness of the sound. It is magnificent on the solos (very close to the sound of a Steve swallow while playing the pick) and super efficient and beautiful in accompaniment. Emmanuel the pianist (I’m surrounded by Emmanuelle…) told me how much he enjoyed listening to the instrument, the sound touched him. The unions are fantastic.

Well, I still have a lot of work to master the tool. After a good ten hours spent on it I realize how possible the variations of games are.

Really like an acoustic. I discover all the manufacturing details with immense pleasure.

Brief BRAVO. See you next time. Fred and thank you again for a fantastic job. E.L.

Walnut body - Wavy ash top - hollow body

5-piece ash & maple neck - Walnut fingerboard - Ring head

Diap 914 mm (36 inches) - 28 frets -

1 double Benedetti - two Jack outputs: 1 double, 1 split


This 4 string bass is a unique piece, made of European wood


Ash body -

Wavy maple top -

3-piece ash & maple neck -

Ebony fingerboard - Ring head

Diap 860 mm (34 inch) -

24 frets -

2 Bartolini pickups, 1 JB & 1 Dualcoil splitable

- 3-position selector - East 3 bandese equalizer


Low fretless, double bass head,

4 to 6 strings


Ash and elm body -

3-piece ash handle -

Ebony fingerboard, 2 octaves -

Double Bass Head

Diap 860 mm - -

2 JB pickups

- 3-position selector -

3-band East equalizer -


Special version of the Luna

Body in linden and limestone-
Handle 3 pieces in linden-
Rosewood fingerboard, 2 octaves-
Head 5 custom
Diap 870 mm - -
2 Picks Bartonlini
- 3-position selector switch -
Vol. + Ton-


This bass 4 strings is a unique piece, made of European wood

Ash body -
Top in maple -
Neck cond. 5 pieces ash / maple
Rosewood fingerboard 2 octaves
Diap 870 mm -
24 frets -
2 Pavé Bartolini
- Microphone-
East 3-band Equalizer

La Luna is my most produced bass model, since 1990, around 30 pieces, 4, 5 or 6 strings, fretted or fretless. Its 5 pieces maple and ash neck gives it the dynamics and sustain that characterizes it, and the 2 microphones splitables double coil, brings roundness and precision.


Low semi-fretted
Screwed version of the Luna

Body in cedar top in padouk-
2-piece neck in maple-
Rosewood fingerboard semi-fretted-
Diap 870 mm - -
1 pavement MM Delano


This bass 4 strings is a unique piece, entrusted to the artist N.Leonard

for the painting and the graphics

Basswood body -
 one piece maple neck -
Maple key 
Diapers 860 mm (34 inches) -
21 frets -
1 micro Pavé Delano splitable
- Flight + Tone + Split + switch ton

This bass 5 strings is a unique piece "custom"

Basswood body -
Top in maple -
3-piece neck in ash & maple -
Ebony fingerboard - Double bass head
Diap 880 mm -
24 frets -
2 Delano pickups, 1 JB & 1 Dualcoil splitable
- Balance pickups - East 3-band Equalizer


Since 1988, I have built many basses, many of which I have no photos or sound recording.
Here are a few examples.



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